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Bangla Help

General Recommendations

Font: Solaimanlipi, developed by Solaiman Karim. Download it from here.
Software for Writing Bangla: Avro, developed by Omicrolab. Download it from here.
Browser: Firefox. Download it from here. [Why firefox?]

Windows Vista

Internet Explorer 7/8
You can see Bangla without configuring anything in Windows Vista. By default, Windows uses Vrinda font, which is not quite aesthetically beatiful font.

For a better view of Bangla unicode text, you can install SolaimanLipi font into your system and change the default font from Vrinda to Solaimanlipi. Please follow these steps to do that.

1. Go to Tool > Internet Options.
2. From the General Tab click Fonts (at the bottom).
From fonts window, select Bangla as the Language Script. And select Solaimanlipi font in Webpage Fonts field.

4. Click OK.

Now, go to site and have a look. It should look like this -

Windows Vista/XP
1. Install the Solaimanlipi font.
2. Go Tools > Preferences.
3. Go to the Content tab. Select Default font to Solaimanlipi.

4. Click OK.

Windows XP
Step: 1
First of all, you need to install support for Windows complex script to view complex Asian characters like Bangla. You can download it from here (alt). Download it and install.

Step: 2
Install SolaimanLipi font.

Step 3
Configure you browser for better a better view.
Internet Explorer: See the Internet Explorer part under MS Vista operating system.
Firefox: See the Firefox font configuration under Windows Vista.

Ubuntu Linux
You don’t need to do anything in Ubuntu Linux (7.x or higher.) to see the Bangla text correctly. However, to have the best view you can install and use the Solaimanlipi font in your browser.

1. Download Solaimanlipi font from here.
2. Press alt+f2, and then type

gksu nautilus /usr/share/fonts/truetype

3. Copy the font and paste it in the nautilus explorer.
4. Again press alt+F2 and type this,

sudo fc-cache -f -v

5. To view Bangla web pages in Solaimanlipi font, follow the instructions for Firefox in Windows Vista.

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